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Why Is Hair Transplant So Popular in Turkey

With the decline of COVID, tourism and travel, for business and/or pleasure are once again back. The pent-up demand for travel, for either reason, is crowding the skies with an increasing number of flights to

Hair Transplants – Are They Worth It?

Hair loss is a natural phenomenon. It happens to everyone, men and women, and over time, the process of natural hair regrowth slows to the extent that balding starts. Hair loss is often more acute

Why is Turkey so popular for hair transplant?

Hair loss is a problem that is affecting an increasing number of men and women across the globe. The reasons for this are many and include stress, tension, lifestyle factors, pollution and more. This situation

The Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss, or alopecia to give it its medical name, can affect anyone and the loss may be anywhere on the body, not just the scalp. The loss can be temporary or permanent. While hair

A Brief History of Hair Transplantation

A full and bountiful mane of hair has always been the desire of both men and women. However, age, illness and environmental and genetic factors do cause hair loss. This is especially true in the

Different Hair Transplant Procedures

Different Hair Transplant Procedures Medical field is developing like any other field. So, it is possible to see new methods every day. Different hair transplant procedures have different application methods. Other than that,

Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Turkey

Best Hair Transplant Surgeon in Turkey Turkey is booming in the hair transplant sector. With this increasing popularity, more and more patients are heading to this country. And obviously, they are looking for

Best Hair Restoration Surgery for Best Results

Best Hair Restoration Surgery for Best Results It might be hard to choose the best hair restoration surgery. There are different operations for hair implants. And each of these are successful on their


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