FUE Direct Hair Implantation in Turkey

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) means “Direct Hair Transplantation”. In this method, a medical pen called an implanter is used by experts in the field. After the grafts (Hair Roots) are placed into the implanter pen, which has a sharp, very thin and cylindrical tip, they are planted in the area where the shedding occurs in one step, thanks to the pushing feature of the pen. In this method, there is no need to open channels on the scalp and thus comfort is provided to the patient. In the FUE DHI hair transplant technique, the grafts are collected using the FUE method, as in other techniques.

  1. First step is the determination of the amount of hair grafts needed for the extraction and implantation.
  2. Then the process of extraction takes place. Before that the local anesthesia is being applied (active substance required for numbness) with a pressurized spray.
  3. Hair follicles are taken one by one from the donor area with a micromotor. The donor area is the nape area where the hair is the strongest and not being affected by hormone changes. If more grafts are needed, graft extraction can be done (for men) from the chest area and under the chin.
  4. After the grafts are collected, they are placed in the implanter pen at the most accurate angle and the most frequent implantation is performed on the areas which were determined before. Thanks to the pushing feature of the implanter pen, there is no need to open channels on the scalp. Since a complete numbness is achieved, no pain is felt during all these procedures.
  5. The first washing process is carried out in our clinic after 1 or 2 days by a team of experts. At the end of 10 days, scabs are washed.

The FUE DHI technique has many advantages. It is the technique with the highest healing rate and there is almost no risk of scarring. Thanks to the implanter pen used in the application, there is no need to open channels for the transplantation process and the process is performed in one step. A very natural and aesthetic appearance is obtained in the hair. In the FUE DHI technique, unshaven application can also be performed, and therefore women can benefit from this procedure without any aesthetic concerns. Since the FUE DHI technique can be performed without shaving, it is used in cases of thinning rather than complete hair loss. We recommend the FUE sapphire technique to achieve healthier results in complete hair loss.

We keep in touch with our patients for 12-18 months after the application, follow the process and provide all the necessary support. If needed, we recommend vitamin supplements, Ozone oil treatment. Photos being sent every day by patient during first 10 days, then one time in a month.

  • The success of result does not depend only on the surgery itself. Important role plays the post operation time and life style of the patient. The patient should follow all the recommendations and instructions. In some cases, it is necessary to take vitamins and another supplements.
  • Our team works on the extraction of quality grafts which consist of 3-4 follicles in one graft. Grafts with single follicle being implanted just to the very front line to obtain natural look. Implantation to all other areas with 3-4 follicles in a graft makes it easy to reach maximum density even for big zones of alopecia.
  • From the previous statement we can also say that extraction of quality grafts allows us to collect it without any damage to donor area. The quality not the quantity is the key of successful operation.
  • Few people know, that the most auspicious time to have a surgery is autumn, winter and spring. Of course patient may have this procedure in summer time as well, but he/she then should be more careful during the healing process.
  • It is forbidden to die hair during 8 months from the surgery day.
  • The patient should consult our doctor for used medications and stop using some hormonal preparations in some cases.

DHI Hair Transplant Before & After Results

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FUE Sapphire Hair Transplant in Turkey (5500 Graft)

FUE Sapphire

5500 Graft

FUE Sapphire Hair Transplantation in Turkey (5500 Graft)

FUE Sapphire

5500 Graft

DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey (5500 Graft)

DHI Technique

5500 Graft

FUE Sapphire Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey (5500 Graft)

FUE Sapphire

5500 Graft

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