Beard Transplant in Turkey

Why You Should Have Beard Transplant Turkey?

Men love their beard. What is more, they sometimes adore their beard. Without beard, men feel naked. So, beard loss can be a huge problem. But like anything else, this problem has a solution: beard transplant Turkey.

Like hair transplant, Turkey is leader in beard transplant as well. The country is investing in cosmetic surgery field. With these efforts, the number of doctors and clinics in cosmetic surgery field is high. And as there are great efforts in this field, the doctors are highly talented. 

As Turkey is becoming a top country in this field, the number of patients are increasing as well. Patients all around the world are choosing this country for cosmetic surgeries. Especially İstanbul is highly popular among foreign patients. While these patients are having their beard transplant, they can also have the chance to visit the city.

What Is Beard Transplant Turkey?

In case of beard gaps or beard loss, beard transplant Turkey will be your best option. There are different reasons to experience this problem. While it might be genetic, trauma related beard loss is also common. In any case, your beard will have gaps. And this will not look attractive.  

Beard transplant is similar to hair transplant. But there are some differences between these two operations. In beard transplant, DHI (direct hair implant) method is preferred. But in hair transplant, there are other methods like Slit or Sapphire. 

In beard transplant, the hair roots are collected from back of the head. This is because hair in this region has better colour match with beard. Then, the collected grafts are directly implanted to gaps in the beard. This process is completed with special Choi Pen. This pen enables collecting and implanting the graft with one single tool.

Is Beard Transplant Permanent?

This is one of the most popular and common questions. Many patients ask whether beard transplant is permanent. The answer to this question is yes. After the full recovery, beard will be permanent. So, this is a permanent solution to beard loss.

When patients take care of their beard in the recovery period, they can experience successful results. The beard will look fuller than it was before. Also with beard transplant Turkey, it is possible to reshape the beard line. So, if you want sharper beard line, this is the perfect method.

You need to follow all the aftercare instructions. Doctor will prescribe special shampoos to wash the beard. When you use these products, your implanted area will heal faster. Also, you need to avoid shaving for a while. But after the process is complete, you can start shaping your beard as you want.


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