Different Hair Transplant Procedures

Different Hair Transplant Procedures

Medical field is developing like any other field. So, it is possible to see new methods every day. Different hair transplant procedures have different application methods. Other than that, all of these procedures aim to solve the hair loss problem.

If you are having hair loss problem, you might have some idea about these procedures. In fact, each procedure is slightly different from each other. But at the end, all of these procedures are here to help you. When you work with the best doctors, you will have the best hair implant results. And you can start enjoying your new hair in a short time. 

Choose Among Different Hair Transplant Procedures

In this sense, you need to start by choosing among different hair transplant procedures. To make your decision, you need to know about each of these procedures. The two most common hair implant methods are FUE Sapphire hair implant and DHI hair implant. 

Before deciding on your method, you need to talk to your doctor. Your doctor will examine your head, scalp and hair. This step is extremely important. Without a proper assessment, it is impossible to choose the most suitable method.

Afterwards, you and your doctor can start talking about your options. Then, you will end up with two options among different hair transplant procedures. Based on your needs, your hair loss level and many other factors, the doctor will make a decision on your method.

FUE Sapphire Hair Implant

FUE Sapphire hair implant is the most common method. This method has been developed to minimise the scarring. When the patients have hair transplant with this method, they do not experience any scarring.

In this method, hair grafts which contain hair roots are collected from the scalp. Then, these roots are rinsed in a special solution. In the meantime, special channels are opened at the recipient area. Lastly, hair grafts are implanted to these channels. 

DHI Hair Implant

If you want to choose among different hair transplant procedures, you need to consider DHI hair implant as well. In this method, hair grafts are being implanted with one tool. This special tool is called CHOI pen. 

This pen can hold the hair graft. It is possible to directly implant the graft, so there is no need to open channels before the process of implantation. But this method has one limitation. The number of grafts that can be collected and implanted are limited. In this method, maximum only 5000 grafts can be collected and implanted. So, anyone with more severe hair loss might opt for FUE hair transplant.


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