Hair Transplants – Are They Worth It?

Hair loss is a natural phenomenon. It happens to everyone, men and women, and over time, the process of natural hair regrowth slows to the extent that balding starts. Hair loss is often more acute in men than women, but both sexes suffer from it. Hair loss, in itself, is not a serious medical condition and it has no physical impact on a person. However, hair loss can place a strong mental and emotional toll on a person. It is normal to feel that it is a sign of the body aging and while we all know that aging is inevitable, no one welcomes it. Hair loss can affect a person’s self-image and self-confidence and that changes a person’s social interactions and personal and professional relationships and life. That is why hair loss treatments have always been so much in demand. The most effective and lasting solution to the problem of hair loss is hair transplants. But are they worth it? A look at the benefits of hair transplants will provide the answer.

Natural Hair Growth 

Hair transplantation is done using the person’s own hair, taken from a donor area that is selected by the doctor. The appearance of the donor area is left intact but the new hair gives the previously bald area a new and natural hair growth. Because it is so natural, there is no sign of a hair transplant having been done. The new and old hair match and blend perfectly.

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Very Little Downtime

Hair transplantation is a quick procedure – the extent, duration and number of procedures will depend on the amount of hair to be transplanted and several other factors. Once the transplantation is complete, all that is needed is a very short period of bed rest, after which normal activities may resume. The doctor will advise the patient on any special precautions that may need to be taken.

No Pain or Scars 

Hair transplantation is done using local anesthesia so there is no pain during or after the procedure. The specialist doctor doing the procedure will ensure that there are no scars or signs of the transplantation having been done.

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Procedures such as FUE hair transplant in Turkey have been done for many years and the procedures and standards are well-established and carefully followed. This ensures that the procedure is risk-free and those undergoing it need have no apprehensions.


 Non surgical hair loss treatments are rarely if ever effective and those that may produce some measure of results require extensive ongoing maintenance. The cost of this maintenance builds up over time and what may have seemed an economical option rapidly becomes a costly one with expenses that do not end.

In short, hair transplantation is the best way to deal with hair loss. Of course, the quality of the end result will depend on the expertise of the doctors doing it and the facilities at the clinic. Hair transplant costs in Turkey are low, but the medical standards and quality of the results are among the best in the world. If you are considering hair loss treatments, the first step should be to contact a reputed hair loss clinic in Turkey and have an online consultation. Once all your questions have been answered, the all-inclusive treatment packages make the rest of it very simple.


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