Why Is Hair Transplant So Popular in Turkey

With the decline of COVID, tourism and travel, for business and/or pleasure are once again back. The pent-up demand for travel, for either reason, is crowding the skies with an increasing number of flights to all corners of the globe. One of the most popular destinations today is Turkey, known for its famed historical sites, museums, culture,food,and friendly people. There is one more reason to travel to Turkey and that is for a hair transplant. Turkey is the global leader in these procedures and the most popular destination for those wanting to regain the full head of hair they lost.

It’s Not Just the Cost

Turkey receives over 2 million medical tourists every year. Those in need of a hair transplant make up a large portion of this number. Many people are initially attracted to Turkey for their transplants because of the low cost which can be up to 70% lesser than in other countries. It is most important to understand that the low cost is in no way due to any reduction of medical standards or lowering of the qualifications of the doctors who perform these procedures. The low cost is due to several reasons:

  • The cost of living in Turkey is lower than in many other countries which means that the cost of procedures such as hair transplants is also low.
  • To promote medical tourism, the Turkish government offers clinics various tax concessions and rebates to enable them to keep their costs down and make the procedures they perform attractively priced.
  • The high volume of people coming to Turkey for hair transplants enables very competitive pricing.

It must also be noted that to maintain the country’s high medical standards, the government must certify all clinics.

Reasons for Going to Turkey

  • Turkish hair transplant clinics are completely professional and set benchmark standards.
  • The latest techniques such as DHI and FUE Sapphire are being used.
  • Hair transplants are not done only for men; female hair transplants are also very much in demand.
  • Besides scalp hair transplants, hair transplants for beards and eyebrows are available.
  • The best Turkish hair transplant clinics offer all-inclusive packages that mean big savings for those in need of transplants.
  • Hair transplant costs in Turkey are very attractive and the packages from the best clinic in Turkey are priced as follows:
    • FUE Sapphire – 1199 Euros
    • DHI – 1299 Euros
    • Beard and mustache transplant – 1299 Euros
    • Eyebrow transplant – 1099 Euros
  • All the packages include:
    • Free Consultation
    • 2 nights of hotel accommodation
    • All transportation
    • An aftercare kit
    • Translation services
    • 1-year private consultation
    • Guaranteed results with a guaranteed certificate
    • No hidden fees to catch people unaware
  • Turkey is a great tourist destination and the savings on the cost of a hair transplant can easily be used to have a great holiday in this wonderful country once the procedure is done. That is a way to combine pleasure with more pleasure.
  • The leading clinics treat each patient as a specific case and all examinations, procedures, and after care are done keeping each patient’s best interests in mind.

The best way to understand the many benefits of DHI or FUE hair transplants in Turkey is to use the free online consultation for hair transplantation.


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