Why Turkey Is the Global Hair Transplant Destination

If you are suffering from hair loss, it has significantly impacted your life. It is not simply a matter of vanity – how we look is essential to our sense of well-being and affects the image we present to the world. There is nothing wrong with being fully or partially bald – some of the most important and attractive people are fully or partially bald. However, each person has their image of how they should look; if hair loss is not part of that, there are options available to change it. In the past, hair loss was incurable, and people had to accept it, no matter how it impacted them. Today there are ways to reverse hair loss and regain a healthy head of hair, fill up a patchy beard or even regain a lost eyebrow.

Hair transplant is now a common practice. The question that needs to be answered is not whether it is effective or if it is safe. The safety and effectiveness of hair transplant procedures have been proven worldwide, and millions have benefited from them. The question you need to ask and have answered is where do you go to get the procedure done?

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Where It All Began

The first recorded case of hair transplant surgery is a procedure done by Turkish doctor Menahem Hodara in 1897. Since then, Turkey has been at the forefront of hair transplant procedures. That is why it is the best place to have the procedure done. Of course, hair transplantation is available all over the world. So why travel to Turkey to get it done? It is as simple as why a person travels to Italy to eat pasta or goes to France to buy wine – these foods/drinks originated in these places and offer the best.

The Situation Today

Turkey is today a major global hub for medical tourism, which means that the medical standard there is among the best in the world. Doctors and surgeons there know that it is only by adherence to the highest standards and constant innovation that they will be able to retain their global leadership. It is not just that you will find the best hair transplant clinic in Turkey or that the hair transplant costs in Turkey are very reasonable. What makes Turkey especially popular is its convenience.

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Best Hair Transplant Packages to Suit Everyone

Whether you are going for FUE Sapphire Hair Transplant or a DHI Hair Transplant in Turkey, it will be a hassle-free experience. The best hair transplant clinics offer complete packages at reasonable rates. These include:

  • Free Consultation
  • 2 nights accommodation
  • All transportation
  • An after-care kit
  • Translator services
  • 1 year for private medical consultation
  • No hidden fees
  • Guaranteed results with a guarantee certificate

In other words, go to Turkey, relax, get a hassle-free and effective hair transplant done, and leave. Or, since you are already there, why not spend a few days seeing the country with its great history, culture, people, and food? You will enjoy it even more with your new head of hair. Contact a hair transplant clinic in Turkey to get started.


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